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It can eliminate undesirable targets with the discrimination control and has an advanced technology that can quickly switch between discrimination, All-Metal and Tone modes with a flick of the mode toggle. It has three modes of operation and two-tone audio discrimination knob that permits the user to ignore the useless metal types that are commonly found in the trash items like iron, lead, and steel. Older kids may have no issues assembling and learning how to use this metal detector all by themselves. Also, it has a 10″ waterproof detection coil that allows you to search your treasure chest even at the misty seashore. This metal detector features a high-quality performance with a friendly user operating system. If you have a friend with some experience, then enlist their help or join one of the many metal detecting clubs in the UK. In my opinion this is the best metal detector for the UK market. The machine has a standard mode for beginners and a pro mode for once you become more experienced. I don’t need a metal detector but your article has made me to have an itching for metal detectors. Running at 18 kilohertz, AT Gold has an edge in finding tiny crumbs of gold. It can discriminate iron and is resistant to dust and moisture. You will never go wrong with Fisher Gold Bug 2 for it has a good reputation among experienced hobbyists. The magnetic field is pushed down into the ground and pulled back out. Also known as Induction Balance, VLF technology is more widely used among the different types of metal detectors. However, they do well in areas with salt water and metals. Calibration: Often, you will be using your metal detector in soil full of metallic minerals. From our tests, we found that the Garrett – Ace 250 was best at locating gold, while the Bounty Hunter – Tracker IV, Bounty Hunter – Gold Digger and Treasure Cove – TC-3020 all tied for a close second place. We engaged all seven metal detectors in five tests: a general detection test, a discrimination test, a depth test, an underwater test and an ergonomics test. If you’re looking for more general information on metal detecting and want to know more about the hobby and what you need to know before getting started, check out our comprehensive metal detecting guide on everything you need to know if you’re just getting started. Buying online allows you to research your options and narrow down the right choice for you by reading metal detector reviews from people who have actually touched the goods. A larger coil may miss small pieces of metal and thus are better suited to hunting larger caches. If you intend to do a lot of hunting in or near salt water, in highly mineralized soil, then a multiple frequency model might be the right choice. The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV metal detector is a great device that has everything that you need in your metal detector. Unlike the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger, the TK4 Tracker IV metal detector is sturdy and strongly built. The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger metal detector is your best partner when it comes to buying a metal detector without spending too much money. I am no treasure hunter so needless to say, I DO NOT NEED THIS. I have never tried this practice but I love the sight of the different varieties of metal detectors I think I might just try. I had no idea there were so many metal detectors with various features to choose from.

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